Dental Care for Your Kitten

Keep Your Kitten's Mouth Healthy

The importance of dental cleanings

Dental health is an important component of overall health care for your pet. Your pet’s bad breath may be just one indication a dental cleaning is needed. Teaching your kitten to enjoy having the mouth handled and gently brushing their teeth is an important beginning for a lifelong healthy mouth.

It Starts at the First Visit

Dental health starts when your pet is a kitten. At the first veterinary visit our doctors perform an oral exam looking for abnormal teeth, malocclusions or abnormal bites, missing or broken teeth and inflammation of the teeth or gums. Any of these conditions may be causing your new pet discomfort.

Why is dental health important?

An unhealthy, infected mouth is a painful mouth. Cats are prone to periodontal disease and often experience a condition called Feline Resorption where nerves are exposed, causing a severely painful mouth.

Our goal is to maintain a healthy mouth for your pet, and when necessary, restoring a diseased and painful mouth to one that is clean, healthy and pain free. Signs of dental disease include bad breath, discolored teeth, calculus, fractured teeth, loss of appetite, drooling and bad breath.