Dental Information for Clients

Dental Cleanings & Procedures Made Easy

0ur doctors and staff guide you through the steps for scheduling a dental cleaning or procedure. Learn more about our processes below – designed to keep things simple and comforting for you and your pet!


  • A comprehensive health exam is performed one to two weeks prior to the procedure
  • Preanesthetic blood panel is completed to ensure healthy organs
  • Fear Free comfort pack can be provided to reduce any pre-hospital jitters
  • The check-in time is scheduled for the day of the procedure

Day of Procedure

  • At the time of your arrival, Fear Free medications are administered to reduce anxiety
  • Topical anesthetic is placed at catheter site to reduce any discomfort
  • Doctor will perform a veterinary exam prior to anesthesia


  • After the doctor has examined your pet, a catheter will be placed to administer fluids, medication and anesthesia
  • Warm IV fluids are started
  • Anesthesia will then be induced
  • Monitoring of blood pressure, ECG, pulse oximetry (O2 levels), heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature throughout the procedure
  • Patient warming with Bair Hugger and IV fluid warmers the entire time your pet is under anesthesia and recovering

Dental Procedure

  • Full mouth digital dental radiographs are taken
  • Evaluation of radiographs by the doctor
  • Dental scaling and polishing
  • Doctor performs a complete oral exam while the patient is sedated, including periodontal probing and charting
  • Fluoride application and Oravet barrier sealant placed on teeth at end of the procedure
  • If extractions are needed
    • The doctor will call to consult with client
    • Placement of oral anesthetic blocks to prevent pain
    • Surgical pain management, including constant rate infusion (CRI) of pain medications
    • Oral surgery as needed
    • Post-operative radiographs taken to confirm all roots have been successfully removed
    • Laser therapy of the mouth to treat pain and inflammation and promote healing
    • Patient recovery – monitored and guided by our veterinary technicians
    • Client communication and discharge set up
    • We offer soft food to the patient after they are awake and recovering
    • Patient discharge with one of our technicians to provide after-care instructions
    • Comprehensive written take-home instructions will be sent home with the patient
    • A dental recheck exam is scheduled for 10 to 14 days after procedure

Next Day

  • Our staff will call to check on the patient, asking questions to evaluate pain level and answer your questions
  • Recheck at the hospital if needed

10 to 14 Days Later

  • Dental recheck exam with the doctor – there is no cost for this exam
  • Our technician will brush teeth and apply Oravet
  • Continue discussion for ongoing dental care

Answer any questions regarding the procedure or follow-up