Helpful Links

Emergency Information

ASPCA: For questions on animal poison control.

Poison Helpline: Another resource for pets that may have been poisoned.

Midwest Missing Pet Network: Blog listing of missing pets.

Animal Emergency Clinic Oakdale: Our after-hours emergency partner.

Veterinary Medical Information

Pet Health Network:  Your best source for veterinary information

Veterinary Partner : Another great resource for veterinary information

University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine: Resources from the U of M research programs. Extensive information about ticks and tick-borne diseases.

Companion Animal Parasite Council: What you need to know about parasites

Beat the Heat Summer Pet Safety Great summer safety tips.

Rabies information from the Minnesota Board of Animal Health.

Pet Ownership

Humane Society of the United States: Lots of information on pets and pet ownership responsibilities. A worldwide travel guide for people desiring to travel with their pets.

Dog Bite Prevention and Safety: Tips for keeping your family and friends safe, including your dog.

Nutrition For Your Pet is a nutrition consultation service that is available through a board certified veterinary nutrition consultant.

For New and Future Owners

American Kennel Club: Information on all dog breeds and their specific needs.

Growing Up With Pets: A site dedicated to children living with pets. Breed information, breeder listings, and breed-specific rescue groups and clubs.

Bow Wow Meow: Baby names for pets!

Animal Humane Society, Minnesota Humane Society and Humane Society of the United States: Find a pet to adopt or information about what these groups do for animals.

Petfinder: Online listing of pets available for adoption, and helpful information about pet ownership.

Puppies N Dogs: Great information for all things dog.

For Cat Lovers

American Association of Feline Practitioners Cat owners information: Caring for Cats Helpful information and products for cat owners.

Feline Health Center: Feline wellness info sponsored by Cornell University.

The Indoor Pet Initiative: Resources for cat owners from the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

For Dog Lovers

Dogster: Online community of dog owners. Helpful information and products for dog owners.

American Kennel Club: Information on all dog breeds and their specific needs.

The Indoor Pet Initiative: Resources for dog owners from the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Euthanasia and Pet Loss

Pet Loss Support Page: Information about coping with pet loss and links to support groups in your area.

ASPCA Pet Loss Page: Information on pet loss from the ASPCA, including a hotline number.

Washington State Pet Loss Hotline: Volunteer Washington State students who will talk with you about your grief.

Traveling with a Pet?

USDA Pet Travel Info:  Information on International travel requirements for your pet.

Pet Breeder Information

The Minnesota Board of Animal Health has information for Commercial Dog and Cat Breeders who are now required to be licensed and inspected by the Board of Animal Health.





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