Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the world’s most ancient form of medicine. Chinese herbal medicine involves the prescription and administration of herbal formulas. The formulas are composed of small quantities of several herbs that produce a balanced therapy for the patient.

The first step in Chinese herbal medicine is identifying the patient’s problem using traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) pattern theories. Identifying the patterns involves several techniques, including the animal’s history, a traditional physical examination based on Western medicine, an exam based on Eastern medicine, with examination of the tongue and pulse. An Eastern physical exam involves palpating acupuncture points to see which points are sore, turgid, deficient, hot or cold, then evaluating the change in pulse quality that occurs with the palpation.

A formula of herbs is developed for the patient from the examination results. Very few side effects occur when using herbal formulas.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine are often used together to enhance their effects. In general, herbs treat internal medical problems more successfully than functional or structural musculoskeletal problems, which are better suited to acupuncture therapy or chiropractic.

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