Alternate Dog Treats – Healthy Options Made Easy

dachshundIt is summer in Stillwater, Minnesota and our gardens, farmer’s markets and grocery stores are bursting with healthy options for snacks for us and for our pets. A recent facebook post from VPI Pet Insurance has excellent advice on healthy snacks for dogs. “Alternative Dog Treats, Healthy Options Made Easy”.  Obesity and food allergies are a common problem in pets.  This article gives pet owners healthy options for giving treats that are nutritious without adding excessive calories. Other benefits include adding antioxidants and anticancer nutrients to our pets diet. Fruits and vegetables can be incorporated into most pet’s diets without causing problems with food allergies. As with any food change, start slowly, monitor your pet for upset stomach or diarrhea. Check the list for toxic fruits and vegetables such as onions, grapes and raisins and as with any good thing don’t over do it!

Check out this excellent article!

Dr. Ginger GarlieDr. Ginger Garlie